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Directed by Brent Hodge

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 2014 79 mins.

Brent Hodge investigates a world you may not have considered: the “brony phenomenon”—grown, mostly heterosexual men who are earnest fans of the animated television series, “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.” Hodge follows Ashleigh Ball, the voice actress for many of the show’s main characters, who is as surprised as anyone at the fanaticism and says, “As stories about the influence of the show on soldiers suffering from PTSD, autistic boys, and even the world’s toughest ‘brony’ make clear, there is much more here than simply a cartoon series about ponies.” “Candy-colored values of self-reliance, cooperation, and friendship…. A pop ode to a culture that is honest, goodhearted, and an insane amount of fun.”—DOXA Film Festival.

Genres: Documentary