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Directed by Jack Hazan

United Kingdom 1973 106 mins.

In the late 1960s and early 1970s, renowned pop artist David Hockney was at the center of the swinging London scene, which radically rewrote the rulebook on what art and representation could be in a famously buttoned-up society. Set in 1970-1973 when his fame was reaching its peak, A Bigger Splash is a part-documentary, part-fantasy portrait of Hockney as he navigates a particularly bitter breakup with his longtime lover (and also painter of some renown) Peter Schlesinger. Groundbreaking in its honest portrayal of gay life, the film notably centers itself around the creation of Hockney’s most well-known painting, lending credence to theories that the artist made work as a mirror of his own life. Gritty and languid in the way that so many 1970s films are, A Bigger Splash is an unforgettable look into the process of artistic creation under personal duress—not altogether uncommon in the history of art. Newly restored in 4K.

Appears in: Weekend Engagements