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Statement from the 41st Annual Fresh Film Northwest Jury Panel:

What a pleasure it was for us to see so many young filmmakers speaking their truths or helping others to tell theirs. The entries for the 41st annual Fresh Film Northwest felt truly fresh in the sense that they took on timely and current topics, and explored a breadth of contemporary issues with authenticity and joy. We saw work that ran with a simple idea and transformed it into something extraordinary. Whether this was through the universal moments found within a personal story—losing a loved one, experiencing prejudice, finding strength in community—or acknowledgment of the inextricable links between people, place, and history. We could see the increasing influence of gaming culture both as subject and backdrop, and as a creative structural element. We also saw creative interplay between the real and imagined, where cinematic space provided a means of processing personal experience. These young filmmakers are taking time, taking risks, questioning the mediated world, and most of all listening: to their elders, to nature, and to each other. We look forward to seeing their work on the big screen and to their continued progress as filmmakers and storytellers. Congrats. 

Anthony Hudson, Elijah Hasan, and Jacqueline Gault

Anthony Hudson is a multidisciplinary artist, performer, and filmmaker perhaps best known as Portland’s premier drag clown Carla Rossi.
Elijah Hasan is an award-winning filmmaker, installation artist, and 2011 Oregon Media Arts Fellow.
Jacqueline Gault is Board President of the Oregon Media Production Association and a local film and television creative producer.


Films in this Program

I’m More than Just a Color

Directed by Isabella Myers

The experiences, difficulties, and positive aspects of growing up black. From filmmaker Isabella Myers: I was inspired to bring light to

Beyond this Moment

Directed by Jayden Becker

A colorful, enveloping expression of grief and the self. From filmmaker Jayden Becker: To create 230 of these frames, I painted

Coping with Grief

Directed by Mackie Mallison

A young woman copes with the loss of her mother by finding community in Portland.  From filmmaker Mackie Mallison: This film

Special Olympics Montana Bitterroot Winter Games

Directed by Lucas Laparra, Reuben DeMeyer, Josephine Lange

A community rallies behind an inspiring group of athletes. From filmmakers Lucas Laparra, Reuben DeMayer, and Josephine Lange: The Special Olympics


Directed by Maya Konz, Kajsa Woolford, Nolan Baker, Bailey Wall

Personal reflections on the Japanese concentration camps of WWII.  From filmmakers Maya Konz, Kajsa Woolford, Nolan Baker, and Bailey Wall: While

Rose Hanson

Directed by Govind Baskin-Brussell, Shanti Stein-Gagnon

Recollections of childhood summers spent in the Toba Inlet. From filmmakers Govind Baskin-Brussell and Shanti Stein-Gangnon: In the 2016 Celebrating Seniors

From a Drop of Ink

Directed by Natalie Scott

A magical pen gives birth to a surprise character. From filmmaker Natalie Scott: This is the first time I animated

The Great Escape

Directed by Ibrahim Salim

Quick action saves the day. This project was produced as part of Northwest Film Center's 2017 Summer Film Camp. Ibrahim's

Flying Lessons

Directed by Echo Baxter

Sometimes you need a little help until you get it right. From filmmaker Echo Baxter: I got inspiration from how birds

Tidal Cruiser

Directed by Brendan Hickey

An eccentric spokesman sells you the skateboard of your dreams. From filmmaker Brendan Hickey: I had wanted to do some sort

School of Champions

Directed by Harrison Pinsonault, Neil McCalmont, Daniel Ortiz-Rojo

Dismantling negative perceptions and celebrating success in a dynamic community. From filmmakers: Harrison Pinsonault, Neil McCalmont, and Daniel Ortiz-Rojo: We all

Sok Dina

Directed by Leah Jester

A young woman navigates the worlds between her adoptive white family and Khmer birth family. From filmmaker Leah Jester: I was


Directed by Wylie Soltes, Aaron Mamaril, Ethan Hawthorne, Ian Colbeck

A toolbox builds an unlikely friendship. From filmmakers Wylie Soltes, Aaron Mamarli, Ethan Hawthorne, and Ian Colbeck: In our current political

The Northwest Film Center recognizes and honors the Indigenous peoples of this region on whose ancestral lands the museum now stands. These include the Willamette Tumwater, Clackamas, Kathlemet, Molalla, Multnomah and Watlala Chinook Peoples and the Tualatin Kalapuya who today are part of the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde, and many other Native communities who made their homes along the Columbia River. We also want to recognize that Portland today is a community of many diverse Native peoples who continue to live and work here. We respectfully acknowledge and honor all Indigenous communities—past, present, future—and are grateful for their ongoing and vibrant presence.