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Directed by Robert Altman

United States 1977 124 mins.

Robert Altman made a long career out of films that challenged the idea that actions stemming from rampant consumerism or the vile effects of toxic masculinity were in any way natural. With 3 Women, Altman delivers one of his finest artistic statements, charting the relationship between three broken women: Millie Lammoreaux (Shelley Duvall), who works at a convalescent home for the elderly; Pinky Rose (Sissy Spacek), a new arrival to their California desert town who ingratiates herself with Millie; and Willie Hart (Janice Rule), a pregnant artist and and landlord’s wife. As Millie shows Pinky the ropes, the two women’s lives begin to intertwine in strange ways, while Millie strikes up a sordid relationship with the landlord, drawing Willie into a dark web. “3 Women is a daring piece of cinema that glides along the edge of weirdness and somehow manages not to fall off. And I’ve never seen a film that’s more poetic and accurate about the radical extent that the human personality will bend and morph in an effort to cleave to its object of desire.”—Eric Henderson, Slant Magazine.

Genres: Drama, Mystery

Appears in: Essential Cinema