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Directed by Alexandre Arcady

France 2014 110 mins.

In 2006, 23-year-old cellphone salesman Ilan Halim was abducted on the outskirts of Paris by a multiracial gang and held for ransom. Though just an ordinary, working-class guy, the thinking was that because he was Jewish, he must be rich. Faithfully reenacting events from the perspective of various characters, 24 Days dramatically tracks a massive, but futile, police investigation doomed by near-misses and a failure to recognize the case as a hate crime. Paralleling the hunt and Halim’s harrowing captivity, is the story of a powerless family having no choice but to put their trust in the hands of authorities as they endure the torment of the captors. A white-knuckle thriller, Arcady’s film raises troubling questions about the state of anti-Semitism and race relations in contemporary France. “Gripping. Impossible to forget.”—Los Angeles Times.