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2016 Oregon Media Arts Fellowship Awards

For the past nine years the Northwest Film Center has presented the Oregon Media Arts Fellowship, an award funded by the Oregon Arts Commission and organizations such as the Oregon Media Production Association and Oregon Public Broadcasting. Fellowships have gone to Oregon filmmakers who have proven their ability to create unique and challenging personal works and are intended to help filmmakers create new projects. Join us tonight as we pay tribute to some of the past recipients and meet 2016 recipients Pam Minty and Rose Bond, who will talk about their upcoming films. Come learn about the Fellowship and how you can apply or contribute to this important night of recognition for Oregon filmmakers.

Food catered by the wonderful folks at Mundo Catering.  mundo_logo-05 (1)

Appears in: Northwest Tracking

Other Films by Pam Minty

High Lakes

Director Pam Minty returns to the Oregon resort of High Lakes to document the housekeeping staff she had been a part of in her youth.  High Lakes was funded in part by Oregon Media Arts Fellowship, Regional Arts & Culture Council, Interbay Cinema Society Lightpress Grant, and Puffin Foundation.

Direct Route

A blind woman (Minty’s mother) navigates her domestic surroundings and landscapes while recollecting these places prior to losing her vision. Through conversations and word puzzles, a story emerges about the relationship between memory, sense of direction, and the texture of experience.


Joan Crawford returns to the screen in a thrilling trailer mash-up.

A Year & A Day

A series of images of Bond Butte taken each month over the course of a year precede a series of the same butte taken hourly on June 21, 2014.

Memory & Observation

This program of old and new explores memory, observation, and film’s unique and varied abilities to visualize the act of remembering. Portland filmmaker Pam Minty’s Direct Route (2015) observes a blind woman navigating her domestic surroundings alongside landscapes and recollections prior to losing her vision. Through conversations and word puzzles with her daughter, a story

Other Films by Rose Bond

An Evening With Rose Bond

Leader of the Animated Arts program at the Pacific Northwest College of Art and a former NWFC student and faculty member, Bond first began animating by laboriously inking directly onto clear 35mm film strips in the tradition of such greats as Mary Ellen Butte and Norman McClaren. She has since pushed the realm of her

Northwest Tracking: Trailblazing Women of Independent Animation

As a preview of the Film Center’s post-festival Northwest Tracking series showcasing six independent animation innovators, we are  pleased to offer this program sampler of their outstanding work to be featured. After the screening head on over to the Northwest Filmmakers’ Summit for a panel and conversation with the animators about their craft working in


An excerpt from the expanded animation piece set to the avant-garde orchestral music by Olivier Messiaen.