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David Lynch: A Retrospective

July 7-September 2

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Thursday's in Aug @ Hotel DeLuxe

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Classic French Cinema

July 15-August 29

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Sun, Jul 23

Spring Term Student Screening

* Please note new start time is 4:30pm (instead of 4pm) * Everyone is invited to watch the many short

Sun, Jul 23

Le samouraï

Directed by Jean-Pierre Melville

For many Jean-Pierre Melville’s best film if not masterpiece, Hong Kong action film legend John Woo once called Le Samouraï

Mon, Jul 24

2001: A Space Odyssey

Directed by Stanley Kubrick

The most legendary and widely discussed film of the 1960s, and Kubrick’s most famous work in a string of masterpieces,

Wed, Jul 26

Movement and Flow: Portland Dance Films

Directed by Conrad Kazcor, Fuchsia Lin, Dylan Wilbur Media, Gabriel Shalom, Jackie Davis, Amy Yang Chiao

Tonight’s program features six Portland-made films featuring dance and movement. Conrad Kazcor’s We’re From Here (2015, 18 mins.) documents three

Fri, Jul 28
Sat, Jul 29

Blue Velvet

Directed by David Lynch

Lynch’s fascination with small-town America perhaps reaches its artistic heights with Blue Velvet, his coming-of-age tale of Jeffrey Beaumont (Kyle

Sat, Jul 29

Le jour se lève

Directed by Marcel Carné

Like his classic The Children of Paradise, Carné’s haunting noir is one of the classics of French poetic realism and

Sun, Jul 30

My Journey Through French Cinema

Directed by Bertrand Tavernier

Inspired by Martin Scorsese’s passion- and knowledge-filled cinema valentines My Voyage To Italy and Personal Journey Through American Movies, the

Mon, Jul 31

Rear Window

Directed by Alfred Hitchcock

One of the most famous procedural thrillers in film history and routinely voted amongst the greatest films ever produced, Rear

Wed, Aug 2

Vernacular Viewings with Robert Sickels

Directed by Robert Sickels

Tonight we welcome Walla Walla filmmaker Robert Sickels, whose short documentaries, while focused on life in the Eastern Washington community

Thu, Aug 3

The Awful Truth

Directed by Leo McCarey

Produced in the same year that McCarey directed Make Way for Tomorrow, The Awful Truth is the opposite of that

Fri, Aug 4
Sat, Aug 5

Wild at Heart

Directed by David Lynch

The promise of love in a violent world ripples under the surface of the unhinged Wild at Heart, in which

Fri, Aug 4
Sat, Aug 5

Industrial Symphony No. 1

Directed by David Lynch

A short avant-garde musical play directed by David Lynch.