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Thursday, March 30

Gaining Ground

Directed by Elaine Velazquez

Gaining Ground tells personal stories of farmers making extraordinary changes in their farming practices to feed their local communities sustainably

Friday, March 31

Nuit et jour (Night and Day)

Directed by Chantal Akerman

Julie and Jack, recently arrived in Paris, are a young couple from the provinces who spend their days making love

Saturday, April 1

Ivan’s Childhood

Directed by Andrei Tarkovsky

During World War II, young Ivan (Nikolay Burlyaev) scurries across Soviet and German lines, having been recruited as a spy

Saturday, April 1

Apple Pie

Directed by Sam Hamilton

Our species' relationship with celestial bodies as told through a series of lush choreographed vignettes, this first feature from Sam

Saturday, April 1


Directed by Spike Lee

Routinely (and unfairly) overshadowed by Lee’s better-known films (Do the Right Thing, She’s Gotta Have It, Malcolm X, et al.),

Sunday, April 2


Directed by Nicholas Roeg

Abandoned by their father in the Australian Outback, a teenaged girl (Jenny Agutter) and her young brother (Luc Roeg) wander

Thursday, April 6

Moving History: Portland Contemporary Dance Past and Present

Directed by Eric Nordstrom

Working with interviews from founding company members and archival performance footage, Nordstrom explores how today’s dancers stand on the shoulders

Friday, April 7

Toute une nuit

Directed by Chantal Akerman

One summer night in Brussels, sweltering heat stifles the community, which draws people out of their comfort zone and into

Saturday, April 8


Directed by Adam Curtis

Adam Curtis’ (The Power of Nightmares: The Rise of the Politics of Fear, The Century of Self) ambitious inquiry takes

Saturday, April 8

Daughters of the Dust

Directed by Julie Dash

The first film directed by an African-American woman to receive a theatrical release, Daughters of the Dust is a landmark

Sunday, April 9


Directed by Spike Lee

Spike Lee’s sentimental remembrance of growing up in 1970s Brooklyn centers on a young girl named Troy (Zelda Harris) as

Thursday, April 13

Five Minute Form

Directed by Scott Ballard

Portland director Scott Ballard turns his focus to the world of writers as he engages award-winning local and regional authors