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September 10 - November 7

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The Fencer resized

The Fencer

Directed by Klaus Härö

Next screening: Sunday, October 23 @ 7 pm

Fleeing from Russian secret police in early 1950’s, a young Baltic dissident leaves Leningrad to settle in the small coastal


The Homecoming

Directed by Björn Hlynur Haraldsson

Next screening: Sunday, October 23 @ 4:30 pm

Gunnar is a sociologist in his fifties who has written countless self-help books, but that can’t help him as his


The Idealist

Directed by Christina Rosendahl

Next screening: Monday, October 24 @ 7 pm

In 1968, during the Cold War, an American B-52 bomber carrying nuclear warheads crashed on the polar ice near the


Here is Harold

Directed by Gunnar Vikene

Next screening: Tuesday, October 25 @ 6:30 pm

For over 40 years, Harold has been running a successful small furniture shop in Bergen with his wife, Marny. But



Directed by Rúnar Rúnarsson

Next screening: Tuesday, October 25 @ 8:30 pm

Icelandic filmmaker Rúnarsson (Volcano) explores change, transition, and adaptation and their roles in human relationships. After living in Reykjavik with


After Spring

Directed by Ellen Martinez, Steph Ching

Next screening: Wednesday, October 26 @ 7 pm

The Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan is the largest gathering spot in the Middle East for the millions of refugees

The Crossing

The Crossing

Directed by George Kurian

Next screening: Wednesday, October 26 @ 7 pm

A first-hand account of the perilous journey made by a group of Syrian refugees. Traversing land and sea on an


Women in Oversized Men’s Shirts

Directed by Yngvild Sve Flikke

Next screening: Thursday, October 27 @ 7 pm

Based on Gunnhild Øyehaug's celebrated feminist novel Wait, Blink, Flikke’s debut film is an energetic and funny portrait of three



Directed by David Lynch

Next screening: Friday, October 28 @ 9:15 pm

Is the twisted child of Henry Spencer (Jack Nance) a metaphor for the paternal anxiety this new father is experiencing?


D’Est (From the East)

Directed by Chantal Akerman

Next screening: Friday, October 28 @ 7 pm

D'Est is Chantal Akerman’s first documentary film shot on trips taken as the Soviet system was about to collapse, and echoes

The Innocents

The Innocents

Directed by Jack Clayton

Next screening: Saturday, October 29 @ 7 pm

Deborah Kerr’s startling mid-career performance as the conflicted and repressed governess Miss Giddens haunts this 1961 adaptation of Henry James’

mapplethorpe- look at the pictures

Mapplethorpe: Look at the Pictures

Directed by Fenton Bailey

Next screening: Saturday, October 29 @ 12 pm

“Look at the pictures.” With these words, Senator Jesse Helms denounced the work of photographer Robert Mapplethorpe. Twenty-five years later,