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Below are the past recipients of the Oregon Media Arts Fellowship:

2019 Fellow

Mila Zuo

2018 Fellows

Howard Mitchell, Arianna Gazca, Julia Oldham, Roland Dahwen Wu

2017 Fellow
Julie Perini

2016 Fellows
Rose Bond, Pam Minty

2015 Fellows
Michael Turner, Joan Truckenbrod

2014 Fellows
Kurtis Hough, Alain LeTourneau

2013 Fellows
Ben Popp, Ian McCluskey

2012 Fellow
Edward P. Davee

2011 Fellows
Matt McCormick, Nick Peterson, and Elijah M. Hasan

2010 Fellows
Sue Arbuthnot, Vanessa Renwick, and Jeff Streich

2009 Fellows
Andy Blubaugh, Brian Lindstrom, and Lawrence Johnson

2008 Fellows
Chel White and David Walker