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September 10, 2014 – October 21, 2014

Northwest Tracking showcases the work of independent filmmakers living and working in the Northwest—Alaska, British Columbia, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington—whose work reflects the vibrant cinematic culture of the region. Whether presenting single-artist retrospectives, new features, documentaries, or inspired collections of short works, this ongoing showcase offers testimony to the creativity and talent in our flourishing media arts community.


Directed by Riley Morton

The passage of I-502—the ballot initiative that legalized recreational marijuana usage in Washington State—attracted national attention. Evergreen follows the successful


Directed by Phiamma Elias

While volunteering at a homeless shelter, Maggie’s upper-middle-class world shifts when Alysha, a teen mom, barges into her life. Awakened

I am Not a Rock Star

Directed by Bobbi Jo Hart

The sacrifice of self, the acclaim, the adoring crowds... classical pianist Marika Bournaki fits the role. But the title of

I Live For Art

Directed by Ri Stewart, Renee Slade

“I Live for Art examines creativity from both a philosophical and first-hand perspective. The creatives are composer Brian McWhorter, whose latest

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Open Screening

Directed by Various

The Film Center partners with The Oregon Media Production Association to present an OMPA edition of our bimonthly Open Screening