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Randall Jahnson has been a professional screenwriter for 34 years.   His credits include the punk rock western Dudes, The Doors, The Mask of Zorro, Sunset Strip, the Norwegian indie, Dryads – Girls Don’t Cry, and episodes of the classic HBO series, Tales from the Crypt.   He also wrote the epic Western video game, Gun, which was voted Best Story at the 2005 IGN Video Game Awards.  Most recently, he’s penned two episodes of a forthcoming science-fiction horror series for Amazon Latinoamerica, and completed a graphic novel, The Feed, for Sabotage Industries.  He has also adapted for series, You Know Your Way Home, a memoir by psychic Suzanne Jauchius.  Way back in the 1980s Jahnson directed music videos for Henry Rollins, Black Flag, Stan Ridgway, and the legendary Minutemen.