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October 26, 2019

Saturday | 10am-2pm

Learn the “throw your film in a bucket and pour chemistry all over it” method of hand processing Super 8mm Tri-X film, and how to care for and project your Super 8mm or 16mm negative.  That unique hand processing “look” can enhance your work and be a less expensive alternative to commercial lab processing. 


  • Hand process an exposed roll of Super 8mm or 16mm Tri-X b/w film step by step (yours or ours)
  • How hand processing differs from lab developing
  • Learn about pushing, pulling, bleach bypass, cross processing
  • Learn about alternative chemistries such as cyanotype, special brews and more
  • Options for digital transfers: do-it-yourself, NWFC services, commercial resources
  • Basic film handling (viewing, splicing, storage)
  • How to operate a film projector
  • Options for rentals through the Equipment Room 

Tuition includes hand processing of one roll of Super 8mm or 16mm Tri-X film ($27 commercial lab processing rate) and transfer of that one roll to digital ($25 NWFC lab transfer rate). Inquire about additional rolls or transfers. 



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