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Super 8 / 16mm Processing and Handling

April 28, 2018 — April 28, 2018

Saturday, 10am - 2pm


Learn the “throw your film in a bucket and pour chemistry all over it” method of hand processing Super 8mm Tri-X film, and how to care for and project your Super 8mm or 16mm negative.



Hand process an exposed roll of Super 8mm or 16mm Tri-X film step by step (yours or ours)

How hand processing differs from lab developing

Learn about pushing, pulling, bleach bypass, cross processing

Learn about alternative chemistries such as cyanotype, special brews and more

Options for digital transfers: do-it-yourself, NWFC services, commercial resources

Basic film handling (viewing, splicing, storage)

How to operate a Super 8mm projector

Options for rentals through the Equipment Room


Tuition includes hand processing of one roll of Super 8mm of 16mm Tri-X film and transfer of that one roll to digital. Inquire about additional rolls or transfers.

To learn about shooting Super 8, register for the companion workshop Super 8 Camera Operation.

To learn about shooting 16mm, register for 16mm Bolex Camera Operation