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Sound Recording Workshop

March 3, 2018 — March 10, 2018

Saturdays | 1pm-5pm | 2 Sessions

Instructor: Pam Minty

Location: Classes & Admin Offices


Use professional sound gear to record scripted dialogue and interviews.


  • Overview of microphone types and uses from lavaliers to shotguns
  • Single versus dual system recording
  • Basics of recording dialogue, interviews, narration, and effects
  • Audio recorder operation (Marantz PMD-660, Sound Devices 702, Zoom H4N)
  • Field mixer operation (Sound Devices MixPre and 302)
  • Protocols of a recording session
  • Setting up and conducting a recording session, step by step
  • Get Instructor coaching and feedback on practice sessions
  • Rental options for NWFC sound gear

Note: Second session is devoted entirely to hands-on practice.

Prerequisites: None