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June 29, 2019

Saturday | 10am-4:30pm

Instructor: Pam Minty

Location: Classes & Admin Offices


Use professional sound gear to record scripted dialogue and interviews


  • Overview of microphone types and uses from lavaliers to shotguns
  • Single versus dual system recording
  • Basics of recording dialogue, interviews, narration, and effects
  • Audio recorder operation (Sound Devices 702+MixPre3, Zoom H4N)
  • Field mixer operation (Sound Devices MixPre)
  • Protocols of a recording session
  • Setting up and conducting a recording session, step by step
  • Rental options for NWFC sound gear


* Tuition includes a 48-hour rental of a sound kit including either the Zoom or MixPre3, Shotgun Mic, headphones, and XLR cable with boom pole or mic stand. Equipment reservations must be made at the end of the workshop and can be good for pick-up dates up to two weeks later. *


Prerequisites: None