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Screenwriting Fundamentals

January 25, 2018 — March 29, 2018

Thursdays | 6:30-9:30 p.m. | 10 Sessions


Get the story in your head ready for the screen. This class focuses on the tools and processes of creating engaging and visually-driven narrative scripts. The key is showing—not just telling—the story. Through exercises and practice, learn to express plot, character, and conflict in cinematic terms. Develop an ear for authentic dialogue and gain an understanding of when and where to employ it. The goal is for students to outline and write the first act of a feature screenplay and/or short film script by the end of the class.

Treatments and outlines
Screenwriting software options
Story conception and plot structure
Character creation
Effective dialogue
Conflict and resolution
Adapting source materials
Get Instructor feedback for your writing as it progresses

Prerequisites: None




What are students saying about Screenwriting Fundamentals with Randall Jahnson?

“Learning from a true pro helps give confidence to the students.” 

“This course gives the novice and beginner script writer a dynamic, detailed, visual, practical and fun dive into the mechanics of writing a script.”