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October 19, 2019

Saturday | Noon-4pm

Learn about Adobe After Effects’ Roto Brush tool and its ability to rotoscope, a technique which allows you to separate foreground objects in your video so you can place text behind a person, spot color correct, clean up green screen and more.  With an emphasis on the tool’s potential to help you create images that are experimental in nature, you will move through a group exercise that introduces you to the tool’s palette and functions, and the instructor’s own artistic process and practice using the tool.  This workshop is ideal if you already have a rotoscoping project in a rough stage or if you wish to gain rotoscoping skills for a future project. The workshop takes place in the Film Center’s Mac Edit Lab.  Bring a Mac-formatted external drive if you want to take your exercise work home.

Check out these examples of the instructor’s work using Roto Brush: Hologram Analogies, and Action Phase Loop: Crane Hang.

Dustin Zemel‘s works and curated programs have screened at Experiments in Cinema (Albuquerque), Horse Hospital (London), PDX Film Fest, Big Muddy Film Festival and Portland2012 Biennial. He was the co-founder and former director of Grand Detour, a former microcinema, curatorial group, and educational hub for experimental filmmakers and new media artists in Portland, OR. In 2010, he was the recipient of RACC’s prestigious Innovation Award for his multichannel, interactive video installation SCOOP 6PM. He has an MFA from Montana State University in Science and Natural History Filmmaking and a PhD from Louisiana State University where he studied experimental techniques and documentary cinema. He is currently Assistant Professor of Communication Studies at St. Martin’s University in Lacey, WA. 

Artist Statement:
Zemel’s videos and multi-channel works illustrate a continuing effort to build “polyphonic environments”—assemblies that ask us to consider both the constituent pieces and assembled final product in equal measure. In some of these videos, polyphony operates literally through the assembly of soundtracks that rely on simultaneous, multiple, distinct voices. At other times, it exists conceptually through the combination of modes/styles/genres. Using humor, long-takes, appropriated footage, split-screen, science, and sound, these videos ask viewers to locate and fall into the unstable representational spaces that emerge when coherence and dissonance are cast to the margins.

Tuition includes admission to Convergence and Cacophony, Experimental Documents from Dustin Zemel, Thursday, October 17, 7pm in the Whitsell Auditorium. 


Prerequisites: Some basic familiarity with video editing or digital graphic design is recommended.  After Effects experience is NOT required. 


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