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Music Video Production

April 11, 2018 — June 6, 2018

Wednesdays / 6:30-9:30 p.m. / 9 Sessions

Instructor: Scott Ballard

Location: Classes & Admin Offices


Create a music video for a track by local band Typhoon. Be part of a crew that rotates roles (with other members of the class) to conceive, plan and film story ideas for a chosen track. One of the shooting sessions will be devoted to filming in the 16mm format for that analog look (with the footage being transferred to digital). Individuals or small groups will edit the footage into their own version of a finished work. Emphasis will be on careful planning, cinematographic skill and creating that live feeling and energy which is unique to the genre.



Origins and trends in the “music video” genre

How to collaborate with music talent, including clearances

Conceiving a story outline and turning it into a shot list, schedule and storyboard

Basics of HD and 16mm cinematography and lighting

Selecting and managing locations

Who does what on set, rotate and practice different crew roles

Rehearsals, blocking actors and the Director’s Line

Art direction and set design

Covering a scene with camera placement and movement

Organizing/logging footage for editing

Creating a cohesive story through editing

Get instructor coaching and feedback for your project


Tuition includes HD and Bolex cameras, lighting equipment and film stock/processing, and for those with proficiency in Final Cut Pro X, access to the Film Center edit lab (by appointment, outside of class, on a self service basis).


Pre-requisite: Basic knowledge of Final Cut Pro is very helpful (or pair up with someone in the class who has access to editing).