Documentary Editing

April 12, 2017 — June 7, 2017

Wednesdays | 6:30-9:30 p.m. | 9 Sessions

Instructor: Pam Minty

Location: Classes & Admin Offices

Product Description

This class teaches the techniques and process of editing a no/low budget documentary film, either from footage that you have already generated, or from footage provided by the instructor or another member of the class. Get comfortable with editing software and workflow, and receive hands-on instruction for organizing and sequencing the material into a cohesive and engaging story. What hidden aspects of your story are living in the footage waiting to come out? Learn to find the threads and trust your instincts. The goal is for you to complete an edit with titles and music by the end of the term.  (Check out Documentary Production, which precedes this class Winter Term.)



How editing sound and picture create meaning

Styles of documentary editing (expository, poetic, observational, reflexive)

Features and layout of Final Cut Pro X software

Setting up the project, logging and making selects

Principles of continuity

Experimenting with rhythm and pacing

Creating high emotional impact

Creating effective transitions

Revising your story as editing progresses

Adding sound effects, text and music

Creating titles and the credit roll

Basics of color correction and sound mixing

Trouble-shooting common editing problems

Connecting with your audience during editing

Get instructor guidance and feedback for your editing


Tuition includes access to the Film Center edit lab.

Pre-requisites: None