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June 12, 2019 – June 16, 2019

Wednesday - Sunday | 9 am-4 pm | 5 Sessions

Instructor: Scott Ballard

Location: Classes & Admin Offices


Shoot and direct a scene(s) with professional actors and a small crew, and have the option to edit it to a finished product. Bring a short scripted scene of your own or one from a movie / writer you admire to practice with in class.



  • Developing your unique “director’s eye”
  • Casting, blocking, rehearsing and coaching actors
  • How directors lead the filmmaking departments (such as locations, wardrobe, make-up, set design, editorial)
  • Communicating with cast and crew to command the set
  • Determining a workable shooting schedule
  • Approaches to lighting, framing and camera movement
  • The Director’s Line and continuity
  • Getting the coverage you need for editing
  • See a range of approaches by crewing for other directors
  • Get instructor, actor and peer feedback for your directing
  • How to market yourself and your project as a director


Tuition includes all needed production equipment (cameras, lights, microphones etc.) and access to the Film Center edit lab for those proficient in digital editing who want to edit their scene(s) (by appointment, self service).