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November 2, 2019

Saturday | 10am-4pm

Instructor: Julie Perini

Location: Classes & Admin Offices

Inspired by our fall exhibition series, Jonas Mekas In His Own Images, Sounds and Words, this workshop explores the concepts and techniques associated with the diary film form and provides you with the opportunity to create your own 1 minute diary film in a supportive environment. The morning session will introduce you to the concepts and techniques associated with diary film and engages you in a quick prompted filming assignment.  After lunch you’ll dig into reviewing and editing your footage and using our voice-over booth to record audio. At the end of the day, we’ll screen and discuss the class’s completed diary films and talk about ways to move your diary practice forward. You are encouraged to bring in previously shot footage (see below for specifications). Filmmakers of all levels are welcome.  


  • Influential diary filmmakers and their contributions (Jonas Mekas, Sadie Benning, George Kuchar, David Perlov, Basma Alsharif)
  • How the form connects to nonfiction and personal filmmaking and to conceptual art and memoir
  • Exploring ideas of intimacy, voice, memory, identity, autobiography and time
  • Creative techniques for filming, editing, adding text and voice-over, music and effects
  • Incorporating archival footage 
  • Questions to ask when looking at footage of your own life
  • Ethics of working with images of people you know
  • The instructor’s daily diary practice, what might yours look like?

The workshop takes place in the Film Center’s Mac Edit Lab (Adobe Premiere). Please bring previously shot footage ready to transfer to the NWFC’s computers, either transferred to a Mac-formatted external hard drive, ready to download from iCloud or via AirDrop from your iPhone or Mac device. If you bring footage to transfer from another type of phone, camera or device, you should know how to transfer it to Mac computers and edit on Premiere or Final Cut Pro, so please also bring the appropriate wires and adapters. We will not have a lot of extra time to trouble shoot transferring your footage onto the editing systems. 


Prerequisites: Basic proficiency in filming video (your own camera or cell phone/ipad) and basic proficiency in video editing (Final Cut Pro, Premiere, iMovie)


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