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November 23, 2019

Saturday | 10 am - Noon

Instructor: Liz Cook Mowe

Location: Classes & Admin Offices

What are best practices in crowd-funding these days?  Hear directly from Liz Cook Mowe, Director of Documentary Film at Kickstarter about successful strategies. How much money can you hope to raise and what’s a roadmap for getting to the finish line?

The workshop opens with a presentation on the topics below and moves to case studies of successful campaigns with guest filmmakers in attendance. This interactive discussion is intended to reveal the challenges that face each project and present some creative problem solving approaches.

Tuition includes the opportunity to have a 30-minute one-on-one session with Liz Cook Mowe, either in person or by phone, during the week of December 2-6 (specific information provided with registration).



  • Deciding when to undertake a campaign (development, mid-way, finishing)
  • The arc of a crowd-funding campaign
  • Key steps to preparing a launch
  • How to create an effective project pitch video and reel
  • Establishing reasonable price points (donation tiers)
  • Attracting donors outside of your networks
  • Keeping the momentum going during a campaign
  • Incorporating rewards
  • Integrating social media
  • Keeping in touch with donors
  • Kickstarter resources (newsletter, app, dashboard, staff)


*The case studies include:

SEASIDE / Dir. Sam Zalutzky

(Producer Alyssa Roehrenbeck will be in attendance)

Inspired by 50s noir, early Roman Polanski films, Body Heat, and French films like Strangers by the Lake and See the SeaSeaside twists and turns where nothing and no one is exactly what it seems, exploring the idea that we are all complex, complicated people.

YOUTH v GOV / Dir. Christi Cooper
(Associate Producer Liz Smith will be in attendance)
Youth v Gov is the story of America’s youth taking on the world’s most powerful government (ours) on behalf of saving the planet. More than just a legal battle, the film advocates for what legal experts call the “most important lawsuit on the planet.” But it’s more than just a legal battle.


Prerequisites: None, open to artists, creatives and filmmakers of all experience levels.


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