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Character Animation with Claymation™

June 13, 2018 — June 17, 2018

Wednesday - Sunday | 9am-4pm | 5 Sessions

Instructor: Will Vinton

Location: Classes & Admin Offices


Use Claymation™ techniques to bring your characters to life with Oscar-winning animator Will Vinton, the originator of the form. Learn about the essential elements that transform clay figures into believable beings with an interesting story to tell. Design and animate your own characters, developing them through tests, exercises and experiments in clay. Create your own short project using provided Dragonframe shooting stations. Please note that this is a small group experience, class size is limited to ten participants (register soon).



Breathing life into your characters and how to make them cinematic

Concepts of squash/stretch, ease in/out, the walk cycle and metamorphosis

Learn to use Dragonframe capture tool functions and operations (provided)

Camera set-up, control and movement

Lighting and light control

Armatures and fabrication, clay sculpting, gesture, walks, and lip sync

Creating low cost sets and backdrops

Planning and executing a short personal project

Get instructor guidance and feedback throughout


Tuition includes Dragonframe shooting stations (provided) and access to the Film Center edit lab for those who want to edit their scene(s) (by appointment, self service).

Students to provide own art supplies at estimated cost of $60.

Prerequisites: None, though a basic understanding of stop motion animation will be helpful.

Class size limit: 10


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