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Breaking in at the Entry Level

January 20, 2018 — January 20, 2018

Saturday / 10 a.m.-2 p.m. / with lunch break


Location: Classes & Admin Offices


Curious about whether you have the skills and assets to successfully break into the local film scene as entry level talent? Find out where the paid opportunities are, how to access them and what employers are looking for. Learn about the different types of production companies and productions hiring entry level personnel, including television series, feature films and commercials, and how the indie world fits in. Hear from a veteran Production and Location Manager (, Key PA and Production Coordinator about current hiring practices and the various pathways that individuals are taking to build their careers. The basic tasks carried out by Production Assistants and related entry level personnel will be reviewed and discussed. Get tips for developing an effective resume (bring yours for feedback). Individuals with or without previous work experience in film are welcome.

With Kathleen Lopez and guests.


Topics include:

Desirable education level and skills needed

How to make contacts and meet potential employers

Social platforms and networks

Getting that call back

Compensation and how to negotiate your rate

Differences between employees, contractors, volunteers and interns

Union versus non-union

The PA’s “kit” (what to have on hand at all times)

Protocols for working on set

Surviving the lean months

How working for others can support your own independent work