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Botanicollage Filmmaking

September 23, 2017 — September 23, 2017

Saturday / 10 a.m.-4 p.m. with lunch break

Instructor: Caryn Cline

Location: Classes & Admin Offices


Flowers, leaves and other botanical elements come alive on film through a tactile and fun form of handcrafted filmmaking known as Botanicollage. In this hands-on workshop, which welcomes anyone with an interest in collage, visual movement or experimental motion, you will learn about the origins of Botanicollage in experimental legend Stan Brakhage’s films (MOTHLIGHT, GARDEN OF EARTHLY DELIGHTS), and then create a short, handmade, animated Botanicollage film of your own. No camera is required: images are created frame by frame as you paste botanical elements directly onto lengths of 16mm clear or black leader. Learn about and experiment with strategies for revealing texture, pattern, color gradation and other effects. When played back and magnified through a 16mm projector, once static botanical elements dance on screen, often revealing surprising and beautiful qualities and suggesting endless possibilities. Completed films will screen to the group at the end of the day and be uploaded to Vimeo for shared viewing. Materials and equipment provided. No previous experience necessary.

Please note: This workshop is intended for adult students (16+).