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Art of Filmmaking II

September 27, 2017 — December 20, 2017

Wednesdays Sep 27 - Dec 20, 6:30-9:30pm + two weekend labs TBA | 14 sessions

Instructor: Pam Minty

Location: Classes & Admin Offices

Prerequisites: Art of Filmmaking I


Take the knowledge you developed in ART OF FILMMAKING I to the next level. Further develop your artistic and technical skills in shooting, story construction, sound, production management, lighting and more. Learn about working collaboratively as part of a small crew, and how it can advance your own vision. Plan, shoot and edit a more ambitious individual project of your own choosing.



Refining your creative eye by envisioning a scene or concept

In-depth budgeting, pre-production and planning techniques

How directors interact with camera, sound and lighting personnel

Operation of professional shotgun/wireless microphones and audio mixers

Intermediate shooting and lighting techniques

Conducting interviews

Blocking and working with actors

Art direction and mise en scene

In-depth media management and work flow

Editing for character, story, and rhythm

Phases of post-production, including color correction and sound design

Preparing your media for public screenings

Distribution opportunities and strategies for emerging filmmakers

Get instructor guidance and feedback on your work


Registration Deadline: One week ahead of class start, September 20th. If it is passed this deadline or you are concerned about meeting this deadline, please email or call Education Programs Manager Mia Ferm, / 503-221-1156


Tuition includes all needed production equipment and access to Film Center Edit Lab.

Prerequisites: ART OF FILMMAKING I or permission of the Instructor. Email Education Programs Manager, Mia Ferm, at with questions. 


What are students saying about Art of Filmmaking II with Pam Minty?

“Great step up from Art of Film I, and the crew experience you get is worth it, you feel like you’re on a real film set.”

“Pam is a joy to learn from and work with.”