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Analog Filmmaking Workshops!

Starting in September

Working with Actors for Women

Mondays, October 2-23

Fall Classes for Adults

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NWFC classes and workshops are open to any community member seeking to explore filmmaking, whether professionally, avocationally or in between. Taught by a faculty of award-winning filmmakers, classes generally meet in the evenings and on weekends, and encourage technical skill-building and the development of one’s personal voice as a storyteller. Simply sign up for what interests you.

  • Botanicollage Filmmaking

    Flowers, leaves and other botanical elements come alive on film through a tactile and fun form of handcrafted filmmaking known

  • Super 8 Camera Operation – 9/23

    Learn to shoot in the classic, home movie, analog format and become part of a community of Super8mm enthusiasts. Topics:

  • Art of Filmmaking I

    Shoot and edit two beginning-level short films as an introduction to visual, cinematic storytelling. This is a comprehensive overview of

  • Screenwriting Fundamentals

    Get the story in your head ready for the screen. This class focuses on the tools and processes of creating

  • Art of Filmmaking II

    Take the knowledge you developed in ART OF FILMMAKING I to the next level. Further develop your artistic and technical

  • Screenwriting Advanced

    Start, finish, or resume your feature screenplay or television series pilot in this small and intensive class setting. Through lecture

  • Digital Cinematography

    Develop an eye for shot composition and framing while shooting in a variety of situations. Gain confidence in your artistic ability

  • Super 8 Processing and Handling

    Learn the “throw your film in a bucket and pour chemistry all over it” method of hand processing Super 8mm

  • Sound Recording Workshop

    Use professional sound gear to record scripted dialogue and interviews.   Topics: Overview of microphone types and uses from lavaliers