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More filmmaking workshops!

Several weekends throughout the summer.

Documentary ReInterpreted

Free lunch-n-learn Friday, August 23rd.

Fall Term registration opens August 16th

Check our FAQ for more info.

Film Production Certificate

Dive in and build a portfolio of work.

The power to tell stories lies within each one of us.  We are here to help you discover and experiment with the creative voice that is uniquely your own.

Our classes and workshops for adults, children and teens are open to anyone who wants to explore the art and technique of film production— for personal enrichment, professional development or somewhere between. They are taught by a faculty of active, award-winning filmmakers, offered throughout the year, generally meet in the evenings and on the weekends, and encourage hands-on learning in a supportive environment. Simply sign up for what interests you, as most have no prerequisites.

If you’re ready to go deeper, consider our Film Production Certificate program, which helps you advance from a beginning to advanced level over time.

Upcoming Classes & Workshops

Documentary ReInterpreted: Nostalgia, Post-Memory and Meditation

Aug 23, 2019

Join BC filmmaker, visual artist, performance artist and professional pole dancer, Sydney Southam, for this informal talk about her artistic

Art of Filmmaking III – Part Two

Sep 9, 2019 – Nov 25, 2019

The class is the second and final part of a two-course sequence which is the culmination of your work toward


Sep 24, 2019 – Nov 26, 2019

More than simply operating a camera, cinematography is the art of crafting images that support your storytelling and communication goals.

Screenwriting: Advanced

Sep 24, 2019 – Nov 26, 2019

Start, finish, or resume your feature screenplay or television series pilot in this small and intensive class setting. Through lecture

Art of Filmmaking I

Sep 25, 2019 – Dec 11, 2019

Shoot and edit two beginning-level individual short films as you are introduced to visual, cinematic storytelling. This comprehensive overview of

Screenwriting Fundamentals

Sep 25, 2019 – Nov 27, 2019

Get the story in your head ready for the screen. This class focuses on the tools and processes of creating

Editing Fundamentals

Sep 26, 2019 – Oct 24, 2019

Introduction to editing styles, concepts, and techniques using Adobe Premiere. Bring your own footage or use provided footage. Get comfortable

16mm Bolex Camera Operation

Sep 28, 2019

Explore the unique potential of 16mm film as an analog storytelling tool. Learn the basics of loading, metering and selecting

Arri Alexa Camera Operation

Sep 28, 2019

The basics of shooting with our flagship digital cinema camera. Known for its dynamic range, color rendition and reliability, this

After Effects Fundamentals

Oct 1, 2019 – Oct 29, 2019

Learn how to add a new element or texture to your video projects with Adobe After Effects, a professional compositing

Lighting Basics

Oct 5, 2019

Use basic light kits to dramatically vary the mood and quality of a scene. This workshop is highly recommended for

Digital Filmmaking for K-12 Teachers

Oct 11, 2019

Develop basic proficiency in the film production process (planning, filming, editing) and learn to conduct small-scale digital filmmaking projects that

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