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Upcoming Classes & Workshops

Rotoscoping Experimental Images

Oct 19, 2019

Learn about Adobe After Effects' Roto Brush tool and its ability to rotoscope, a technique which allows you to separate

Super 8 Camera Operation

Oct 19, 2019

Learn to shoot in the classic, analog, home-movie format and become part of our community of Super8mm enthusiasts. Topics Attributes

Lighting Basics

Oct 26, 2019

Use basic light kits to dramatically vary the mood and quality of a scene. This workshop is highly recommended for

Super 8mm and 16mm Hand Processing

Oct 26, 2019

Learn the "throw your film in a bucket and pour chemistry all over it" method of hand processing Super 8mm

Diary Filmmaking: Blurring the Boundary Between Art & Life

Nov 2, 2019

Inspired by our fall exhibition series, Jonas Mekas In His Own Images, Sounds and Words, this workshop explores the concepts

Sound Recording

Nov 16, 2019

Use professional sound gear to record scripted dialogue and interviews. Topics Overview of microphone types and uses from lavaliers to

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