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Winter Term 2019

  • Arri Alexa Camera Operation

    The basics of shooting with our flagship digital cinema camera. Known for its dynamic range, color rendition and reliability, this

  • 16mm Bolex Camera Operation

    Explore the unique potential of 16mm film as an analog storytelling tool. Learn the basics of loading, metering and selecting

  • Basic Lighting

    Use basic light kits to dramatically vary the mood and quality of a scene. This workshop is highly recommended for

  • Digital Cinematography

    Winter is the perfect time for learning cinematography, as students are engaged in mastering techniques in a controlled environment. More

  • Screenwriting Fundamentals

    Get the story in your head ready for the screen. This class focuses on the tools and processes of creating

  • Art of Filmmaking I

    Shoot and edit two beginning-level short films as an introduction to visual, cinematic storytelling. This is a comprehensive overview of

  • Screenwriting Advanced

    Start, finish, or resume your feature screenplay or television series pilot in this small and intensive class setting. Through lecture

  • Bolex In-Camera Techniques

    The 16mm Bolex is a veritable “Swiss Army Knife” of special effects just waiting to happen.  Learn about and experiment

  • Stop-Motion Animation

    Looking to put some animation mojo into your creative practice? Come try your hand at some of the methods and