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Adult Classes

  • Sound Recording

    Introduction to basic audio recording both in the field and in controlled environments. Use professional sound gear to record sound

  • Digital Editing

    Introduction to editing styles, concepts, and techniques using Final Cut Pro X. Bring your own footage or use provided footage.

  • Character Animation with Claymation™

    Use Claymation™ techniques to bring your characters to life with Oscar-winning animator Will Vinton, the originator of the form. Learn

  • Directing Intensive

    Shoot and direct a scene(s) with professional actors and a small crew, and have the option to edit it to

  • Digital Cinematography

    Develop an eye for shot composition and framing while shooting in a variety of situations. Gain confidence in your artistic ability

  • Basic Lighting

    Use basic light kits to dramatically vary the mood and quality of a scene. This workshop is highly recommended for

  • Canon XA-10 Camera Operation

    The basics of shooting with our workhorse HD camera. Topics Manual focus and exposure Proper use of external microphones Basics

  • Pickathon Camera Crew

    Learn to shoot live events as a trained cameraperson for the Pickathon Music Festival, one of the largest outdoor music

  • Coverage & Continuity: Improve your stories using shot sequences

    Do you both shoot and edit your own work? Then improve your storytelling by learning to think like an editor