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Upcoming Classes & Workshops

Art of Filmmaking III – Part Two

Sep 9, 2019 – Nov 25, 2019

The class is the second and final part of a two-course sequence which is the culmination of your work toward


Sep 24, 2019 – Nov 26, 2019

More than simply operating a camera, cinematography is the art of crafting images that support your storytelling and communication goals.

Screenwriting: Advanced

Sep 24, 2019 – Nov 26, 2019

Start, finish, or resume your feature screenplay or television series pilot in this small and intensive class setting. Through lecture

Art of Filmmaking I

Sep 25, 2019 – Dec 11, 2019

Shoot and edit two beginning-level individual short films as you are introduced to visual, cinematic storytelling. This comprehensive overview of

Screenwriting Fundamentals

Sep 25, 2019 – Nov 27, 2019

Get the story in your head ready for the screen. This class focuses on the tools and processes of creating

Editing Fundamentals

Sep 26, 2019 – Oct 24, 2019

Introduction to editing styles, concepts, and techniques using Adobe Premiere. Bring your own footage or use provided footage. Get comfortable

After Effects Fundamentals

Oct 1, 2019 – Oct 29, 2019

Learn how to add a new element or texture to your video projects with Adobe After Effects, a professional compositing

Motion Graphics

Nov 5, 2019 – Dec 10, 2019

Flying logos, character animations, and motion backgrounds can add flair to any presentation or video project. In this course, which

Color Correcting

Nov 7, 2019 – Dec 12, 2019

Get comfortable with color correction and grading techniques and work flow in Adobe Premiere.  Color management is the crucial post

Computer Animation

Jan 10, 2020 – Jan 12, 2020

Learn to use Adobe Animate to enhance your video projects or to bring your illustrations to life.  The class will

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