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Code of Conduct

Volunteers represent the Museum and your actions reflect both on you and the Institution. We hope all volunteers abide and agree to uphold the core values of the Museum — creativity, connection, learning, accessibility and accountability. The following are guidelines for conduct:

Promote a respectful environment.
Treat all volunteers, employees and community members with respect, courtesy and dignity.
Avoid insensitive or offensive language.
Refrain from engaging in physical or emotional violence toward others.
Make efforts to understand and honor the Institutional values and culture.
Follow all rules and policies set forth by a staff member or supervising volunteer.
Observe safe work habits and be aware of the safety of others.
Welcome and attend any orientation, training course, or continuing education necessary.
Respects the confidentiality of sensitive proprietary information.
Is at least 18 years of age.
Listens and communicates with people of diverse backgrounds. Welcomes diversity and inclusion.
Respects others verbally and physically. Does not tolerate harassment.
Is responsible for their own person and property
Is a mandatory reporter reporting the abuse or neglect of any child.
The purchase or possession of alcohol, drugs, or weapons is strictly prohibited on Museum property and volunteer sites.