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Volunteering at the NW Film Center is a great way to get involved with the region’s largest film institution. As a volunteer, you’ll gain new skills and experience, meet interesting people, and enjoy a fun, people-oriented atmosphere.

  • Theater Volunteers

The Northwest Film Center screens over 500 films each year, most of these as part of our regular, year-round programming at the Whitsell Auditorium in the Portland Art Museum.  Our dedicated team of Theater Volunteers are integral to bringing these films to the Portland viewing community.

Theater Volunteers assist the Theater Staff in various duties including attendance tracking, ticket taking, ushering, line management and bag/coat check.

If you’d like to know more about the specifics of Theater Volunteering, or if you’d like to submit an application to volunteer, please fill out this form.

  • Festival Volunteers

The Northwest Film Center produces several film festivals, including the Portland International Film Festival (our largest film festival), if you are interested in volunteering for the Portland International Film Festival, please fill out this form.

If you are interested in volunteering for our other film festivals, each festival has a festival-specific team of volunteers with varying roles.  For more information on volunteering for a specific festival, please visit that festival’s page.

  • Office Volunteers

The Northwest Film Center’s administrative offices also regularly recruits volunteers to assist with administration-related duties. For more information about specific Office Volunteer roles, please check our employment and volunteering page.

For all other volunteer opportunities please send an e-mail to