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Director, Northwest Film Center
Curator, Film & New Media Portland Art Museum
Amy Dotson
email Amy

Education Director
Ellen Thomas
email Ellen | 503-221-1156
Contact Ellen about teaching opportunities, community collaborations and outreach projects.

Exhibition Program Manager & Programmer
Morgen Ruff
email Morgen | 503-276-4223
Contact Morgen regarding film traffic, submitting your film to festivals and general programming inquiries.

Development Manager
Rachel Record
email Rachel | 503-276-4254
Contact Rachel with questions about sponsorship opportunities and individual donations to the Film Center.

Membership and Development Associate
Meg Cook
email Meg | 503-276-4246
Contact Meg with questions about the Silver Screen Club.

Filmmaker Services Manager & Programmer
Ben Popp
email Ben | 503-276-4222
Contact Ben about the Northwest Filmmakers’ Festival, Northwest Tracking programming, funding opportunities for filmmakers, and the Best of the Northwest Filmmakers’ Festival Tour.

Education Programs Coordinator
Jodi Darby
email Jodi | 503-276-4239
Contact Jodi with questions regarding adult classes, summer camps, Fresh Film Northwest and Global Classroom.

Equipment Manager
Stephanie Hough
email Stephine | 503-221-1156
Contact Stephanie with equipment and facility rental questions.

Theater Operations Manager
Micah Vanderhoof
email Micah | 503-276-4229
Contact Micah with questions about theater operations, Theater Volunteering at the Whitsell, and with ticketing, accessibility, logistical, or events related questions.  

Head Projectionist
Arika Oglesbee
email Arika

Education Services Coordinator
Miles Sprietsma
email Miles

Marketing and Community Relations Coordinator
December Carson
email December | 503-276-4276
Contact December with press inquiries, social media promotion, and community partnerships.

Administrative Coordinator
Sergei Khlopoff
email Sergei | 503-221-1156
Not sure who to contact? When in doubt, email Sergei.

Theater Staff
Katie Burkart, Erik McClanahan, Tony Olsen-Cardello, Ilana Sol, Lisa Tran, Larisa Zimmerman, Shannon Neale, Lucas C. Ospina, Ian Westmorland, Nicole Cormaci, RaChelle Schmidt, Joel Shanahan, Patrick Barry

Education Program Assistants
Lucas C. Ospina, Ian Westmorland, Sky McLeod, Bobby Lang, Jacky Cortez-Fregoso

Director Emeritus
Bill Foster