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Before filling out the online application form, be prepared with the following to upload.

Work Samples:
Links to up to three work samples. Screenplays, treatments, photographs, drawings or other materials may be submitted in place of media work samples. If you cannot submit links and would like to submit your work on a thumb drive, please contact Education Programs Manager, Mia Ferm, at / 503-221-1156 to coordinate.

Personal Statement:
What themes or subjects are you using or planning to use in your filmmaking and why are you interested in them? What have you learned so far, and where do you believe you are headed? Describe any obstacles that you have encountered and how you have tried to move past them. How will this particular scholarship help you go further? Be sure to review the purpose of the scholarship and include how you meet the scholarship’s stated priorities. *PDF documents are preferred, but we will also accept Word and Text Edit documents.

Indicate your education and employment background (paid and volunteer, film and non-film) as well as specific skills, interests, and recognition that you have received. The filmography should list each film you have worked on (title, year of completion, running time, format), the production role you played (e.g. writer), a very brief description (e.g. “a documentary about the AIDS epidemic”), and awards, honors or screenings it has received (e.g. Northwest Filmmakers’ Festival). *PDF documents are preferred, but we will also accept Word and Text Edit documents.

The names of three professional references who are familiar with your work. Do not name friends, relatives or fellow students.


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