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Need Based Tuition Assistance – for Girls interested in Summer Camp 2017

Families with a film interested daughter (or female-identifying child) and significant financial need may request tuition assistance for any of our Summer 2017 camps using the General Tuition Assistance Application.  However, multiple scholarships for girls are now  available for the following specific camps:

July 17-21: Digital Moviemaking for 6th-8th (no longer accepting)
July 24-28: Stop-Motion Animation for 4th-6th (still accepting)
July 24-28: Digital Moviemaking for 4th-6th (still accepting)

July 24-28: Digital Moviemaking for 6th-8th (still accepting)
August 7-11: Digital Editing for Teens (no longer accepting)

Interest might be demonstrated by attitude, experience with film or related areas such as visual art, creative writing or theatre  (in-school or out of school) or other indicators. Significant financial need is present when it is impossible for a family to consider enrollment without a substantial reduction in tuition.

The selection committee reviews and makes notifications promptly, and updates this list regularly to indicate availability. If you have questions, please email


Tuition Assistance Application for Girls