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Summer Camp 2016 blog post

Has your child demonstrated an interest or talent in storytelling, filmmaking, or digital technology? If so, allow them to empower their potential through the many classes offered by the Northwest Film Center’s annual summer camp for kids and teens. The Film Center offers a wide selection of classes that allows your child to explore the creative and technical processes in filmmaking. From digital moviemaking, to shooting on 16mm film, there is definitely a class that is sure to engage your child.


“The kids get a chance to learn things like how to shoot and develop 16mm film”, says Mia Ferm, Education Programs Manager at the Film Center describing one of our teen classes. Ferm oversees the education programs at the Northwest Film Center, making each class a unique and engaging experience for the students who attend them. “No other place in Portland offers the opportunity to develop 16mm film, even to adults” says Ferm.ezgif-2350136645

The Film Center has already hosted a number of camps this summer, including stop-motion animation class for students in 4th to 6th grade. In this class, students composed a narrative and used a station loaded with stop-motion animation software, Dragonframe. It was there where a bunch of torn up paper, pens, and other art supplies came to life to tell a an originally written story that would later be screened to their parents on the last day of their summer camp session. The Film Center is offering another session of stop-motion animation for 4th to 6th graders from July 25th-29th.

Classes that are still open for registration include a computer animation class for 6th to 8th graders from August 8th-12th. Here, campers will learn how to bring two-dimensional graphic artwork to life using the industry standard Adobe Flash software. Students will also learn how animators create motion using techniques such as squash and stretch, staging, timing, and parallax scrolling, animate video and/or scan in and manipulate their own artwork, and record their own voiceovers and sound effects to create their own animated sequences frame by frame.

Summer camps run through August 19th and include a variety of classes offered to kids in 2nd to 12th grade. Check out our website for classes that are still open for registration.

Written by Omar Rivera, PR/Marketing Intern