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A Touch of Zen

A Touch of Zen

Directed by King Hu

Next screening: Saturday, July 30 @ 7 pm

One of the legendary directors of the wuxia (ancient martial arts) film, King Hu mastered the filming of gravity-defying swordplay

The Letter

The Letter

Directed by William Wyler

Next screening: Sunday, July 31 @ 7 PM

This second adaptation of W. Somerset Maugham’s 1927 stage play features Bette Davis’ turn as Leslie Crosbie, an adulterous yet

The Little Foxes

The Little Foxes

Directed by William Wyler

Next screening: Monday, August 1 @ 7 PM

The Little Foxes was the final collaboration of Bette Davis and William Wyler, a tumultuous creative—and sometimes romantic—partnership that brought


Speculation Nation

Directed by Bill Brown, Sabine Gruffat

Next screening: Tuesday, August 2 @ 7 pm

"The global financial crisis that began in 2007 battered Spain. Over a quarter of the population lost their jobs, and

Jon Behrens

Abstractions: Films by Jon Behrens

Directed by Jon Behrens

Next screening: Wednesday, August 3 @ 7 PM

A pioneer of the Northwest’s experimental film scene, Seattle filmmaker Jon Behrens has been making visually striking optically printed films

Key Largo 2

Key Largo

Directed by John Huston

Next screening: Thursday, August 4 @ 7 pm

The fourth and final Bogie and Bacall film reunited Bogart (for the third time) with his old drinking buddy and


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computer animation for teens

August 1-5: Computer Animation for Teens

Bring your characters to life using Adobe Flash software. Bring two-dimensional graphic
summer camp 4-6

August 1-5: Digital Moviemaking for 4th-6th

Have fun with creative storytelling styles and techniques. Try your hand at
Digital Movie Making

August 1-5: Digital Moviemaking for 6th-8th

Make a sci-fi-inspired drama working as a movie crew. Learn the basics
media arts academy for teens

August 8-17: Media Arts Academy for Teens

If you’re thinking about going to film/art school, or want to experience
stop motion 6-8

August 8-12: Stop-Motion Animation for 6th-8th

Bring your drawings and artwork to life. Learn how animators create movement

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Join the Silver Screen Club to find your front row seat to some of the best cinematic programming Portland has to offer! The Northwest Film Center boasts over 500 screenings per year, including the Portland International Film Festival, Top Down rooftop series and Reel Music Festival.

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