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Upcoming Screenings

Sat, Nov 16
Sun, Nov 17
Mon, Nov 18
Tue, Nov 19

Always in Season

Directed by Jacqueline Olive

Always in Season explores the lingering impact of more than a century of lynching African Americans and connects this form

Sat, Nov 16

He Stands in a Desert Counting the Seconds of His Life

Directed by Jonas Mekas

Covering the years 1969-1984 and featuring a huge number of New York art-world luminaries, Mekas described He Stands in a

Sun, Nov 17

Ikarie XB-1

Directed by Jindřich Polák

A visionary work of Eastern Bloc science fiction, this mesmerizing Czechoslovak adaptation of a novel by Stanisław Lem melds Cold

Sat, Nov 16
Sun, Nov 17

Samurai in the Oregon Sky

Directed by Ilana Sol

Presented in partnership with WorldOregon, director Ilana Sol’s documentary tells the story of Japanese pilot Nobuo Fujita, who catapulted his

Sun, Nov 17


Directed by Godfrey Reggio

Reggio’s must-see visual symphony—set to an unforgettable Philip Glass score—juxtaposes urban environments with the natural world, linking structures together through

Mon, Nov 18

Vegas in Space

Directed by Phillip R. Ford

After receiving an order to investigate a crime on the all-female Pleasure Planet, a group of male astronauts, led by

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